New Beginnings: An East Village Lounge Is Waiting for You to Take Over


Maybe you’ve heard the bar scene has maxed out in the East Village. Every bar turf has already been claimed. Still, your gang wants to go somewhere downtown after work, down some well-mixed cocktails, have a bite, and gossip about colleagues without bumping elbows with the masses. Now is the time to stake out a weeknight at Marquee. No, it’s not a new bar; it’s been around for a while as an arty performance venue and spillover joint for adjoining restaurant Marion’s and downstairs go-go-boy bar the Slide. After a quick makeover, it has just reopened its doors with a fresh coat of paint, new vintage lounge furniture, and a vodka-heavy drink menu. You can’t go wrong with the Marion. The classic drink made famous next door at its namesake eatery is a perfect version of a dry vodka Gibson ($10). For some tasty trouble, order a not-too-sweet pear martini ($10) with a dash of pear puree. Soak it up with snacks from the lounge menu, which are big enough to split with friends, or simply have dinner delivered from Marion’s if sharing is not your thing. When we checked, Tuesdays were still open for your crowd to declare as its own. Get there quick; fresh bar vacancies never last long around this town.