Noise From the Front


Code Zero Six

Some calm before the inevitable storm, so enjoy it while you can. A week in a key lower than the last few is a rare, most welcome thing, so now is the time to revisit old favorites such as the unclassifiable Slits and the timeless New Orleans balladeer Allen Toussaint. Confidential sources recommend practicing your best art/metal self-defense moves to the Cult so you can fight your way to the loo and back again when they make their latest “last-ever” appearance here. But dwelling solely in the past in contraindicated when so much new intelligence is yours for the listening: sample the new release by Chicago’s indie rebels, Califone; light up and expiate guilt over your own bad habits with the inscrutably named new project Gob Iron from Son Volt’s Jay Ferrar; and study close the otherworldly warbles of LA woman Johnette Napolitano (of Concrete Blonde) and punk harpist Joanna Newsom in search of the hidden truth…


“Slow Rt. Hand” from ROOMSOUND
(Thrill Jockey, 2006)
November 9th listing

“Love and Romance” from CUT (Island, 1979)
Sound of the City column

Allen Toussaint
(Rhino, 2003)
November 12th listing

Mouse on Mars
“I Go Ego Why Go We Go” from VARCHARZ
(Ipecac, 2006)
November 11th listing

Johnette Napolitano

“Mileva Einstein’s Sceam” from SKETCHBOOK 2
November 8th listing

Death Vessel
“Snow Don’t Fall” from STAY CLOSE
(North East Indie, 2005)
Music Feature

Los Lonely Boys
“La Contestación” from LOS LONELY BOYS
(Sony/BMG, 2004)
November 14th listing

Gob Iron
“Nicotine Blues” from DEATH SONGS FOR THE LIVING
(Sony 2006)

The Cult
“She Sells Sanctuary” from PURE CULT—THE SINGLES
(Beggars Banquet, 2000)
November 13th listing

Joanna Newsom
“Cassiopeia” from THE MILK-EYED MENDER
(Drag City, 2004)
Kamps music feature