Whether it’s graffiti on the side of a truck, a saxophone player on the corner, or break-dancers in the subway, there’s no escaping art in the city. Street Art, Street Life: From the 1950s to Now takes an extensive look at how life in the city has inspired artists to pick up a camera or canvas and document it all, from sidewalk performances to political protests to wild urban fashions. Curated by Lydia Yee (curator at the Barbican Art Gallery in London), the show examines the evolution of street life through the decades while exploring themes like violence and crime, gender roles in an urban context, and advertising and commerce. Featured artists include Amy Arbus, Jamel Shabazz, Vito Acconci, Yoko Ono, Robert Frank, William Klein, Jacques de la Villeglé, and Nikki S. Lee. It opens today with a street fair, including live music, food, and artisans.

Sept. 14-Jan. 25, noon, 2008