If you’ve spent any significant amount of time in Williamsburg, chances are you’ve been drunk and stumbling down Kent, lost on an avenue of decrepit warehouses and abandoned factories, when you suddenly saw a light. No, it wasn’t coming from a luxury apartment high-rise. It was coming from Glasslands, where the music was always raging, someone was always thrashing in a nonviolent way, and the skies were always cloudy. It’s hard not to be sentimental about yet another New York music venue closing its doors on a neighborhood flash-gentrified beyond recognition. (Anyone noted the souvenir shop on Bedford selling not-at-all-ironic “Brooklyn” magnets? It’s where the Williamsburg tour guides meet their groups.) But hell, let’s see the place off right at tonight’s New Year’s Eve party, sadly hashtagged “lastlands.” The goodbye-Glasslands/hello-2015 party-to-literally-end-all-parties promises to bring back four surprise musical guests, each with a storied history at the venue. Take advantage of an hour-long open vodka bar to get the tears flowing. For tomorrow you’ll wake up in Taylor Swift’s New York, so don’t even think about puking on the street.

Wed., Dec. 31, 8 p.m., 2014