“Reserved for Mothers Today” Stickers Invade the M Line


It’s that special time of the year again, when everyone steps back for a second and sends shout-outs to our most maternal partners in crime. Here at Runnin’ Scared, we feel obligated (out of love, of course) to make sure the mothers who give birth to us bloggers are treated with the utmost respect. So this nice little story is our present to you, Mom; it’s the least we could do in 600 words or less:

It is only out of manners that one gives up their seats to a stroller bearer. But today, it becomes a rule for straphangers on the M – the subway line that runs from Queens Boulevard to Myrtle Avenue. Give up your seat; it’s Mother’s Day.

A group called “MTA Mother’s Day” has begun a project in which certain seats are labeled as exclusive spots for “those who carried us all in their bellies for nine months.” The reason: it’s honestly the least we could do.

Their Tumblr page already has a few Instragram-esque pictures up from users who submitted their love via HTML. Forget the bouquet of flowers; we have Polaroid filters now to express our feelings.

The identity of the holiday enthusiast group behind the lovely project is unknown but Gawker points out that they are the same people behind the Gosling Easter Egg hunt that took over Manhattan in early April. Because what better way to celebrate the Resurrection than with the a faux parody of the star of Drive and The Ides of March telling you to look for an egg somewhere?

With that being said, make sure you keep your eyes out for the public transportation versions of Hallmark cards. If you’re traveling from the 2nd Avenue stop on Houston to Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn, respect your female elders; this is the only that’s exclusively theirs. And then snap a picture, put it online and tell your mother you love her.