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Rex Afrasiabi Shares Valuable Tips for Professional Success


“If you must do something, you will find a way. If you want to do something, you may find an excuse.” That is Rex Afrasiabi’s mantra and one that has defined his entire professional life. Rex is the founder of M A Legal, one of Australia’s most renowned law firms.

Before starting his firm, Rex worked in the fashion industry. He was a general manager for an international fashion company when he decided to go after what he’d always wanted. Even though the role was challenging and rewarding in equal measure, Rex knew he wanted more. He felt it was time to live within his cause, purpose, and beliefs. That’s when he took the step and founded his company.

Rex began his company with a diverse team of like-minded experts. Together, they started a prestigious law firm that has represented thousands of people from different backgrounds. The firm allows Rex to serve people directly every day, just as he has always wanted. He finds his fulfillment in helping his clients grow in both their businesses and personal lives.

Hard work is one of the reasons for Rex’s success. At an early age, Rex’s parents divorced, and he had to live with his dad, who spent a lot of time working overseas. That taught Rex several lessons, including the value of independence and hard work. He says, “I can be the hardest worker in any room. I even have a tattoo on my ankle that says ‘will not be outworked.’”

However, that alone won’t make you successful, according to Rex. You must have a clear vision and destination of where you want to go. That will help you to plan each step of the journey. Also, be very clear on what you must do; the clearer the vision, the quicker you will get there.

Rex says passion is the third thing that will contribute to your success. For him, the money and glamor in the fashion industry were not enough of a reason to continue his career. He has always wanted to be in a position that helps people directly. When he decided to practice law, he gave it his all. He says that’s one of the biggest lessons he has learned. “Don’t want to grow in any area, be obsessed, so you must grow.”

The other thing guaranteed to make you successful is proper personal branding. In his case, Rex has used his brand to differentiate himself from his competition. It has also helped him highlight his unique skills, life, and experiences and showcase them to the world, which has helped him to stand out and thrive in a sea of highly qualified experts.

Creating a personal brand needs commitment. According to Rex, “You should focus on your passion and learn and become the best at what you are. Do the right thing and never compromise your morals or reputation. By being one of the best in your chosen field, and someone that can be trusted, profits will follow.”

Lastly, Rex says striking a balance between your professional and personal life is important. As an entrepreneur, he says working long days and weeks is common. That might lead to burnout if you are not careful, which will, in turn, affect your productivity. To avoid that, Rex says, “It is very important to look after yourself and take the time you need for rest and relax – to function at your best, you need to feel your best.”

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