Screen Test


Simply, this third incarnation of the Annual Spitting-Nails Movie Trivia Quiz in the Stuart Byron tradition is designed to separate the cine-literate from the moppets, and so it must be, with so many cheating opportunities so blithely available. Questions easily answerable through a handy book or a trip to the video store were discarded; Net data sources will only be useful to the dogged cross-referencer. TV movies are generally admissible; feel free to one-up our answers. The deadline: May 31. You can mail your entry to the Voice offices. The prize: a $150 gift certificate at the bookshop or video store of your choice. Of course, all Voice employees are ineligible, as are the few scholars who helped us with suggestions.

Family Viewing

1. Name 20 pairs of acting sisters who appeared together in a film.

2. Name six twin-brother moviemaking teams.

3. What two brothers took turns playing a vintage mystery series hero?

4. What busy stuntman and stunt coordinator is the grandson of one of the Gashouse Gang (a/k/a the 1936 St. Louis Cardinals), who himself became a stuntman after leaving baseball?

Moment by Moment

5. Name the movie in which

a. Christopher Walken crashes a white van.

b. Kirk Douglas searches for a severed finger.

c. Humphrey Bogart sports a mustache.

d. Jessica Lange takes a bubble bath.

e. Gaston Modot throws a toy giraffe out a window.

f. Robert Duvall swings on a playground swing in a priest’s frock.

g. Woody Allen skins an apple.

6. Name the movie in which, offscreen

a. Jon Voight performs cunnilingus.

b. Miriam Hopkins gets whipped.

c. Franchot Tone gets his fingernails ripped off.

d. Cloris Leachman is tortured with pliers.

e. Kevin Bacon overturns a car.

f. Thomas Mitchell bumps into garbage cans.

7. In what avant-garde classic did

a. Two women play chess on the beach?

b. An atomic explosion get intercut with surfers?

c. A starfish figure prominently?

d. No images appear at all, but instead alternating white and black frames?

e. Two hands holding a cocktail shaker serve as a doorbell?

Walking and Talking

8. In what movie were these immortal lines uttered, and by whom?

a. “What could go wrong with an old-fashioned?”

b. “Hunger’s a good sign.”

c. “I hate the dawn. The grass always looks as though it’s been out all night.”

d. “Men are lucky we don’t bite their heads off after mating. . . .”

e. “Some of them are named Samuels, some of them have . . . funnier names.”

f. “. . . Wyoming.”

g. “If it’s a caper, eat it.”


9. What films were based on these novels?

a. The Hunter

b. The Children of Light

c. Conjure Wife

d. Burn Witch Burn

e. The King’s Ransom

f. Make Room! Make Room!

g. Once Off Guard

h. Fool’s Gold

i. Red Alert

j. X vs. Rex

10. Name 10 poets who have had their poetry (not their dramatic verse) adapted into movies.


11. In how many sound films did Boris Karloff never utter a word of English?

12. Who is known as “the Jewish Cowboy”?

13. Where does the John Landis in-joke title “See You Next Wednesday” appear in National Lampoon’s Animal House?

14. What actor has played

a. Satan, Pontius Pilate, and Judas?

b. Buffalo Bill, Jules Verne, and Louis XIV?

c. Mary Magdalene, Lola Montes, and Scheherazade?

d. Danton, Julius Caesar, and Lenin?

e. Ramses I, John Wilkes Booth, and Henry IV?

f. Adolf Eichmann, Jesus, and Chopin?

15. What all-American director helped liberate a concentration camp, and which one?

16. What three filmmakers are tied for having won the most awards at Cannes over the years?