See Scenes From Brooklyn Pour


The complimentary “tasting glass.”

If you didn’t know, The Village Voice hosted Brooklyn Pour on Saturday at Skylight One Hanson. With a sold out crowd showing up to 100+ brewers, a variety of food trucks, and a whole lot of love for suds, it’s safe to say the event was a success. Of course, Fork in the Road was in attendance, so we snapped a few photos for you to enjoy.

The “rule” was only two ounces allowed in the glass, but as the day wore on, brewers got a bit more friendly with their pours.

A bit of shameless self-promotion over the event.

Author Joshua Bernstein, who wrote a book about craft brews called “Brewed Awakening,” signed and talked with beer enthusiasts at his own table. He argued that small brewery revolution with continue at its rapid pace, and people are starting to support craft breweries in the same way that they support sports teams.

A wheat beer from, err, somewhere. This was one of the last photos taken during the session, so please excuse our fuzzy memory.

A friendly volunteer pours 508 Brewery’s delicious, chocolatey Montezuma Imperial Stout.

The scene about halfway through the day-session. But despite the massive amount of people, waiting time for beers was minimal. Because there were like a million beers!

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a beer festival without an absurd line at the restrooms.