“Sex and the City” (Again), President Bush and Spinning Bullies: Other Tabloid News


Barring any major developments, I promise this is the last Sex and the City tabloid tidbit for the week. Not content with the Post‘s lock on the “disappointed fashionistas who dropped a ton of dough to come to the premiere only to be turned away” beat, the Daily News showcases two young women from British Columbia who were turned away from the premiere because of overcrowding. The two friends shelled out $16,000 for the trip. The Post has an update on Ella Sherman, the Singapore woman who spent more than 20Gs to attend the premiere–she saw the film and really didn’t like it. The Post also includes a cartoon in Page Six that shows Sarah Jessica Parker in bed with a snoozing critic, asking “Was it good for you?” Let the backlash begin!

Meanwhile, President Bush spoke at the commencement ceremony for the U.S. Air Force Academy. The Post has a picture of the leader of the free world chest-bumping a cadet with the head, “SURELY YOU CHEST!” Below the pic is an article about how “disappointed” the prez is with former press secretary Scott McClellan’s new tell-all book. The Daily News devotes two full pages to the book.

Finally, the Post introduces us to the crazy world of “spinning.” You know, that fitness class that’s been around for at least a decade. Hedge-fund manager Stuart Sugarman really gets into his workouts, and likes to yell and grunt. (“You go girl!” is one of his stock phrases.) A fellow gym-goer got tired of Sugarman’s loud antics and allegedly lifted up Sugarman’s bike and injured him in the process. The trial started yesterday, and Sugarman testified “GRUNT & CENTER.”