‘Shoe intifada’ vowed; we quake in our boots


Now we have another chance to peer into the soul of terrorists, rebels, and other insurgents.

Enraged at the alleged beating of the journalist who hurled at George W. Bush, a Muslim cleric in Iran has called for a “shoe intifada.”

Still unconfirmed: The cleric promised martyr wannabes 72 pairs of new shoes.

No time to tell you more. A snowstorm’s coming, and I need to leave for the city so I can stop at al-Payless before going to work.

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The estranged wife of United Technologies Chairman George David says she has weekly expenses of $53,000 — more than what half the households in America earn annually and higher than the cost of attending an Ivy League school for a year.

Guardian (U.K.): ‘Bush shoe protester has been beaten, Iraqi judge says’

The Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at George Bush was beaten afterwards and had bruises on his face, the investigating judge in the case said today, as a senior cleric in Iran urged others to wage a “shoe intifada” against the US.

Guardian (U.K.): ‘Surgeon finds foot in baby’s brain’

N.Y. Post: ‘Bubba of Arabia’

BBC: ‘One in 10 Jobs Tied to Autos? Not so Fast’
Bailout Backers Claim 13 Million Jobs Rely on Auto Industry, but Economists Say It’s 2 Million

Xinhua (China): ‘Web site ordered to pay damages to China’s first “virtual lynching” victim’

Center for Responsive Politics: ‘Madoff and Company Spent Nearly $1 Million on Washington Influence’

The man behind a $50 billion Ponzi scheme that has roiled Wall Street and shaken up the nonprofit world was also a long-time contributor to Democrats,

Washington Post: ‘The Confessor in Chief’ (Dana Milbank)

Slowly, painfully, self-awareness has come to George W. Bush.

Telegraph (U.K.): ‘DreamWorks “struggling”: Everything Steven Spielberg touches usually turns to gold.’


New Yorkers got slammed yesterday by the third leg of a triple whammy — a 7 percent property-tax hike, approved by the City Council, that takes effect on New Year’s Day.

Times (U.K.): ‘Barack Obama lays into SEC for its lack of “adult supervision”‘

Telegraph (U.K.): ‘Increase in robots “could lead to lack of human contact”‘

N.Y. Daily News: ‘Records show Caroline Kennedy failed to cast her vote many times since 1988’

Telegraph (U.K.): ‘Sandwiches cause woman to faint’

L.A. Times: ‘Health providers’ “conscience” rule to take effect’

The last-minute Bush administration declaration lets doctors, clinics, receptionists and others refuse to give care they find morally objectionable.

San Francisco Chronicle: ‘Gay leaders angered by Obama’s prayer pick’

N.Y. Daily News: ‘Two ex-Lehman brokers among 4 hit in insider ring’

The feds busted a $4.8 million insider trading scheme involving two ex-Lehman Brothers brokers who funneled confidential tips through a Playboy Playmate, officials said Thursday.

Times (U.K.): ‘It’s dramatic! It’s sensational! It’s the Fed rescue’

Quantitative easing may not sound exciting, but it is as momentous as the Gettysburg Address or the D-Day landings.

Wall Street Journal: ‘Fairfield Extended Madoff’s Reach: Investment Fund’s Marketing Effort Helped to Raise Billions for Money Manager’

Wall Street Journal: ‘Obama Keen to Regulate Finance’

Wall Street Journal: ‘Clinton Reveals Donors’

Former President Bill Clinton‘s charitable foundation has taken in more than $140 million in the past decade from foreign sources, including the Saudi royal family and leaders of a Middle Eastern government now negotiating a controversial deal with the U.S. government to procure nuclear-energy technologies.

Those were among the details included in the list of 205,000 donors to the Clinton Foundation, released for the first time Thursday, as part of an unusual deal negotiated with Barack Obama when the president-elect decided to nominate Mr. Clinton’s wife, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, for secretary of state.