Some More Mile End Dinner Details: Maple-Smoked Duck Leg!


As we mentioned yesterday, Mile End begins dinner service tomorrow night. Although dinner menu will at the outset feature the same dishes available on the daytime menu, Rae Cohen, who owns the restaurant with her husband, Noah Bernamoff, tells us that there will be “one or two additional dishes” tomorrow night, with more to follow.

When asked what tomorrow’s additions will be, Cohen just laughed and said, “we’re still kind of deciding that.” But she hopes the menu will expand “within the next three weeks.”

When it does, expect dishes that are “kind of going to be a meeting between traditional Jewish dinner dishes with a look towards Québécois agriculture,” Cohen says. “We have the Montreal component and the Jewish deli component, and we’ll meet them a little bit more with dinner.” At least one dish on the menu will feature the best of Québécois animal husbandry: Cohen allows that at some point, diners can look forward to maple-smoked duck leg.