Start Spreading the News


I’m leaving today. Well, tomorrow — bright and very early, hoping to fly back into New York before the storm hits. It’s been an extremely interesting couple of weeks… but I miss my friends, my dog, my bed, and healthy food, so I’m ready to go home.

Meanwhile, over in Mets camp, Oliver Perez had a hell of a start against the Red Sox — striking out David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez twice each. No walks, no runs, five Ks. Damn.

Also, Phil Humber and Jason Vargas were sent to the minor league camp (twice-former Yankee Ruben Sierra was also reassigned; nobody tell Torre he’s available!). Looks like the fifth-starter slot is now essentially a race between Chan Ho Park and Mike Pelfrey, though I suppose Sosa and Sele are dark horse candidates. (I was trying to come up with an analogy to the Democratic primaries here — Pelfrey was going to be Obama — but I can’t quite seem to make it work).