Top Ten Best Swallow-OnlyFans Accounts of 2023


Prep your member because it’s time to shoot your cumshot with these swallowing OnlyFans girls. With an insatiable thirst for eating a nasty nut, these salacious smoke shows leave fans dying to quench that thirst. From beauties committed to the art of a mindblowing blowjob to sweethearts with a taste for salty snacks, swallowing-OnlyFans suit every fantasy. 

Any girl can do a standard swallow, but it takes a provocative phenomenon to turn this basic act into a mouthwatering, momentous moment. We’ve found the cream of the cum guzzling crop from the young and voracious to the seasoned pros. Cumplay with the best OnlyFans who swallow. 

Best Swallow OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Swallow OnlyFans Accounts of 2023

Best 10 Swallow OnlyFans

#1. Britney Swallows Most Cum Guzzled


  • Amateur porn cum guzzling expert
  • Over 28K likes
  • More than 1K videos


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About Britney Swallows:

Self-proclaimed Cum Slut Britney Swallows is bringing back that old-fashioned standard of having a last name that describes your profession. If you like your blowjobs with a side of bouncy breasts and MILF status, Britney’s your girl. With over two decades of deep-throat, jizz-faced, cum guzzling experience on video, she’s all about showing off her swallowing prowess. And since she’s been at it so long, you get the benefit of seeing her videos from age 19 on up. 

When it comes to swallowing OnlyFans, Britney sets the standard for sheer volume. Some of her vintage videos feature Britney pounding back up to 40 loads of cum. While she prefers cum straight from the source, Britney adds some class and diversity to her content with gokkun cumplay. Don’t let her sweet smile fool you, those luscious lips are always ready to do some talking in DMs before they slurp some hot salt. 

#2. Kim Swallows Red-Hot Inhaler


  • Over 156K likes
  • More than 60 streams
  • Nearly 1.5K videos


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About Kim Swallows:

Kim is a proud big-booty babe, redhead, and Certified Cum Extractor. She’s doing her current home, the state of Maryland, proud abiding by the state motto, “Strong deeds, gentle words” — and by “strong deeds,” we mean OnlyFans swallowing to the highest degree. Kim’s a sweet and spicy Dallas Cowboys fan who definitely gets a silver star for cumplay. 

Kim is all about that dick, especially sucking it. Her thick and succulent bottom jiggles all the way to the sperm bank with daily content. And while she’s fulfilling your swallowing wishlist, you can fulfill her Amazon wishlist that includes sexy, sultry outfits for her to wear during coveted role-play videos. If you like a sweet, sassy sperm sucker, you’ll love Kim. 

#3. Jizzy Izzy Best Blowjob Swallower


  • Nearly 975K likes
  • 1.3K videos
  • Cumshot rates


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About Jizzy Izzy:

Bigger is better, and Isabella Rhoades delivers big boobs, a big booty, and most importantly, big lips for sucking big loads. She’s kinda shy, but this sweetie is obsessed with giving blowjobs and getting cum facials. Actually, she’s addicted to dicks and jizz any way she can get them. She loves watching guys rub one out, and will be waiting to catch their load for some OnlyFans swallowing. 

Isabella keeps herself tight and fit with regular gym sessions and lives for a sexy bra and panty set. She’s not only a super swallower, but she looks hot doing it. Sexting is her favorite hobby — after getting a face load, of course. This British/Scandinavian cum slut never misses an opportunity to moisturize with man juice. 

#4. Jazmine Swallows Most Willing to do Anything for Cum


  • Over 10K likes
  • 500 videos and photos
  • $9.99/mo. subscription


Where to Follow:


Abou Jazmine Swallowst:

Describing herself as the GOAT of dick-sucking, this Asian bimbo will go to any lengths to get some good D in her mouth. She’s admitted to blowing fans and even answering a Craigslist ad just to give a BJ. She’s definitely got a deep throat, which makes Onlyfans swallowing second nature. 

This busty babe is discreet in everyday life, but she lives for entertaining your fetishes and fantasies. She’s a gamer girl who likes to win, especially when it comes to swallowing hard. So, it’s no surprise she rocks gamer-inspired lingerie, too. Jazmine Swallows, but she also sucks, and she’s a bit cocky about it. 

#5. Mia Stars Best Free Swallower Account


  • Over 66K likes
  • Nearly 1K photos and videos
  • Free subscription


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About Mia Stars:

Mia is a sweet 20-year-old with a sultry and salacious side. Her all-natural slim figure and blond hair give her that girl-next-door look, but behind closed doors, she’s not afraid to unleash her wild side. Mia loves cute costumes almost as much as she loves using cute filters on photos — both show off her creative, fun side. 

True to her neighborly vibe, Mia loves to sext on the regular and always replies to her DMs. She’s even happy to make custom content, especially when it involves blowjobs and cum facials. Hey, a girl’s gotta keep that skin young and glowing somehow, right? 

#6. Raven Swallowz Most Experienced Swallower


  • Over 31K likes
  • Nearly 700 videos
  • $6.99/mo. subscription


Where to Follow:


About Raven Swallowz:

A cougar who loves cum — run, don’t walk, to see this stunner! Raven is a happily married beautiful Black/Cherokee woman, but that doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves: sucking cock and swallowing smutty semen. When she doesn’t have a mouthful, Raven slays on the beach as a hotwife. 

Raven loves cosplay and costumes in general, from pinup to superhero. With 30 years in the adult entertainment industry, she’s hardcore in more ways than one. At 53, she knows her way around a good swallow, and she’s happy to show you how it’s done. Just call her Ms. Swallowz if you’re nasty. 

#7. Lil Strawbs Best PPV-Free Femme Fatale


  • Over 330K likes
  • More than 20 streams
  • Over 5K photos


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About Lil Strawbs:

Girls are just built differently in the Midwest, and Lil Strawbs is no exception. She’s corn-fed and cum-fed, straight from the source. Her no-PPV videos of OnlyFans who swallow include blowjobs, facials, and custom videos in addition to copious amounts of slimy semen swallowing. 

Lil Strawbs has the Varga girl vibe with her huge melons and beloved bangs — which she’s always asking you to nut on. She loves all things pussycat (Hello Kitty!), black, or strappy. She’s busty and lusty whether she’s chillin’ at home with her girls or exploring the great outdoors. Let Lil Strawbs show you how to take that cream like a shortcake. 

#8. Paige The Swallower Next Door


  • Over 26K likes
  • More than 400 videos
  • New photos added daily, new videos added weekly


Where to Follow:


About Paige:

If you like bikinis and getting blowjobs on the beach, you’ll love getting caught with Paige. It’s hot in Tampa, Florida — in part because that’s where Paige currently lives and swallows. This self-proclaimed Swallow Queen looks like the girl next door with her blond locks and doe eyes. Like any good girl, she loves a nice facial, but only if it’s 100% certified cum. 

This tan and tattooed trollop loves live music and can’t resist a night out with the girls. Paige is happy to be one with nature or with a load of jizz, whichever is closest at the moment. Paige takes requests from subscribers and will happily make you a personal video because she’s sweet like that. 

#9. Gigi Amour Darkest Swallower


  • Over 49K likes
  • Nearly 1K photos and videos
  • $7/mo. subscription


Where to Follow:


About Gigi Amour:

Pain, cum, and latex — that’s what Gigi Amour is probably made of. This curvy fox has a serious dark side, but she can’t get enough of that white stuff. She slides her voluptuous body into some slippery lingerie, then sucks the life right out of you. 

With juicy, pouty lips, this tattooed and pierced stunner draws you into her haunting eyes. Whatever her look of the day, it’s always a mood. And the same goes for her artistic skills. She loves nighttime photography and knows how to create an alluring ambiance wherever she goes. Her creative mind surely comes in handy while she’s showing off her swallowing prowess. 

#10. Cheekysob Best Femboy Swallower


  • Over 14K likes
  • Nearly 500 photos and videos
  • $11/mo. subscription


Where to Follow:


About Cheekysob:

A little bit goth, a little bit glam — this femboy frolics in fishnets in search of a swollen load to swallow. If you like a little feminine flair paired with a masculine physique, this slim, shy Onlyfans swallow is right up your alley. Black, leather, knee-highs, and chokers make up the bulk of their anime-inspired wardrobe.

You’ll find this LGBTQIA+ swallowing OnlyFans zooming around on bicycles, motorcycles, and even roller skates. As long as it has wheels, it’ll get them from cock A to cock B. Don’t let their innocent face fool you, Cheekysob is experienced and excited to swallow your excitement in one gulp. 


Best Swallow OnlyFans FAQs

Who are the best OnlyFans Swallowing today?

Some of the top swallow OnlyFans are listed in this article, but we’ll give a quick overview of the best of the best. Raven Swallowz is one of the best simply because she’s been in the game longer than most, and practice definitely makes perfect when it comes to OnlyFans swallow. 

You really can’t go wrong with any creator who has some version of the name Swallow on their account, so Britney Swallows, Kim Swallows, and Jazmine Swallows are also some of the best swallow-OnlyFans of 2023. 

Are there Onlyfans who swallow my cum?

Most of the OnlyFans who swallow that we’ve listed in this article will make custom paid content, which could include a video of them swallowing your cum. But the only way to know for sure is to subscribe and ask. If you happen to live near a creator like Jazmine Swallows, who admits to blowing fans and pretty much anyone, you might even be able to negotiate something in person. 

For the most part, you’ll be watching OnlyFans swallowing other people’s cum. However, you won’t always see the other person, so it’s easy to imagine it’s your own. The best creators make videos that make it feel like they’re right there with you. 

How much do the top swallow-OnlyFans creators make? 

Like many creators, OnlyFans swallowing don’t regularly disclose their exact incomes to the public. So, it’s hard to say exactly how much a top creator makes. And it’s even harder to say how much of that income is directly related to swallowing content. 

In general, for the top 10% of creators, they can make into the upper thousands of dollars per month. They can certainly make enough to quit their mundane and prude day jobs. Creators who manage to crack the top 1% on OnlyFans stand to make a minimum of $10,000 each month. And if the creator was a celebrity first, they have the potential to make millions. 

Although it seems like it’s all fun and games or as simple as taking a swig of your favorite drink, OnlyFans swallowing isn’t that basic. It requires forethought and creativity to come up with unique and desirable content. 

How do I grow my own swallow-OnlyFans account?

As with any niche area, the first step is focusing on your swallowing content. Think about diversifying your portfolio to include photos, short videos, longer videos, blowjob cum swallowing, and swallowing cum from a variety of unique vessels. 

To become a successful swallow-OnlyFans creator, you’ll need to be sure you’re using all the right tags associated with swallowing. It also helps to make it clear in your description all the reasons you love swallowing and all the ways you’re willing to showcase it. 

Once your mouth is watering for some juicy jizz, you’ll know you’re on the right track. But interacting with your subs can also help you gain insight into the content they, and likely many others, are interested in seeing. Use those DMs and sexting sessions to do some sly research and get ideas for new content. 

Which of the best OnlyFans swallowing shouldn’t be missed?

We’ve given you our top 10 OnlyFans swallowing, but here’s a rundown of why we chose them. Britney Swallows and Jazmine Swallows certainly guzzle the most cum, while Raven Swallows is close behind. If looks are important to you, redhead Kim Swallows has a unique look, and Gigi Amour brings the dark, vampy vibe. If you love a girl-next-door look, you can’t go wrong with Lil Strawbs, Mia Stars, or Paige. Jizzy Izzy takes the prize for best swallower after blowjobs. And if you’re a little kinky, femboy Cheekysob should be on your must-see list. 

Best Swallow-OnlyFans Accounts in Conclusion

We hope you’re as primed and ready to shoot your cumshot with these swallowing OnlyFans creators as we are. Each of these OnlyFans swallowing has their own unique passion for cumplay, and they all invite you to join them in the pleasurable act of cum guzzling. They bring a love for the sweet taste of semen right to your doorstep and announce their intentions as they step over the threshold. 

From blowjobs to cum chugging, these bodacious OnlyFans who swallow live for the thrill of downing a nasty nut.  leave fans dying to quench that thirst. From beauties committed to the art of a mindblowing blowjob to sweethearts with a taste for salty snacks, swallowing OnlyFans suit every fantasy. 

While you can certainly find girls in your area who like to coat their throats in cum, it’s not always an easy topic to broach. When you cumplay with the best OnlyFans swallowing in 2023, you’re guaranteed to get what you want without even having to ask. But, if you’re willing to ask, you’ll probably get even more than what you originally wanted when you came. 

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