This Week’s Specials: Boozy Sweets, Spaghetti-Chomping Hamsters


It was a slow, hot week here at Fork in the Road, with the July 4 holiday right in the middle. Stuck in the city, we consoled ourselves with some farm porn, and by listening to Pavement. Then we got back to work.

In case you missed it, here are some highlights from the week: We spotted the world’s cutest hamster eating spaghetti and nearly lost it. We got high, and wondered if dressed fries might be the way of the future. We ate kumquat rice cakes in Xiamen, and got a more local buzz from these five boozy sweets. We ate our body weight in cookies and croissants, and rounded up 10 great pastry shops for you. We went semi-homemade with store-bought wonton wrappers and our own fillings, and we found three Brooklyn cafes serving that delicious snack of avocado on toast. Now, did someone say cocktail hour?

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