Tomorrow: 10 Best Gelatos (er, Gelati) in New York, 2012


On the Upper West Side, Screme offers all sorts of playful mix-ins with the frozen product — but it is good enough to make our top 10?

What is gelato? Isn’t it the same thing as ice cream? No, it’s not. By strict definition, the product is much lower in fat — averaging 8% rather than the minimum 14% required for ice cream. But more than that, the smoothness, range of flavors, means of serving, and general style distinguishes gelato from ice cream. It’s less bulky and more refreshing.


What’s more, gelato is a relatively new product in the city. While Italian-American bakeries and specialty stores have been turning out water ices and milk ices for at least a century. these products are not as opulent as real Italian gelato, which originated in northern Italy, and in its purest form emphasizes nut, chocolate, coffee, and herbal flavors at the expense of fruit flavors, which are often referred to as sorbettos.

This will all be clarified bright and early tomorrow morning, as we put up the 10 Best Gelatos in New York. Please join us.

The wildly enthusiastic crew at Screme.

Screme Gelato Bar
2030 Broadway