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Too Much of a Good Thing Is Too Much, Too Fast, Too Long


Isabel Gotzkowsky’s retrospective—including the new th(RE)a(D), where she’s connected to Jon Zimmerman by a yard of cloth the color of bloodstains—demonstrated her virtues as performer and dancemaker: physical and emotional pliancy, strength that engenders tenderness. Her costumers have a good eye for fabric and color. But Last night I had a dream, danced with Zimmerman, points up a persistent weakness. Slave to the rhythm, Gotzkowsky accelerates moves when the music heats up, and the duet looks hectic. Movements in pieces like Fly . . . but don’t often tell us little that is new as they proceed but merely fill the time Gotzkowsky’s occasionally irritating music choice demands. You want to hand her an old 45—something under four minutes—and say, “Put down the Arvo Pärt, use this, and show me what ya got!” And the Jewelry Rule should apply to any retrospective: Take one piece off and leave it home.