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Victoria Kennedy shares her story of starting from zero to generating 6-figure revenue in 3 months

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Victoria Kennedy, the founder, and CEO of Victorious PR is an inspiration to many aspiring women who want to venture into business. She is an American entrepreneur, PR expert, and public speaker. Her PR agency, Victorious PR based in Las Vegas had earned a 6-figure revenue within three months of its inception in 2019. Victorious PR is now on its way to become a million-dollar business.

Victorious PR specializes in designing brand management programs, media outreach strategies, features on global publications, and social verifications on Facebook and Instagram. While managing her agency, Victoria Kennedy developed a trustworthy professional relationship with globally renowned publications like Yahoo Finance, Fox News, Forbes, Entrepreneur magazine, ABC, and Inman news. She is a contributor to the National Association of Real Estate Brokers and is a brand ambassador for Inman. Victoria Kennedy is also a celebrated TEDx speaker.

Victorious PR works with high-profile clients like top-notch entrepreneurs, top marketers, C-level executives, and influencers. Victoria Kennedy’s success with her agency Victorious PR has been featured on more than 200 publications and podcasts.

Victoria Kennedy started her career as an opera singer because of her love for music. Her hit single even topped the iTunes Classical Chart in Europe. She had a booming career touring all over Europe to perform at concerts and cathedrals. However, her dream career came to an end when her work visa was declined for renewal by the government. She took it as a challenge to re-invent her career as a PR professional. She started her career from zero and reached the position that she deserves to be in.

Here are some proven tips by Victoria Kennedy to venture into a business successfully.

Tips to start a successful business

1. Discover your passion

Work can be enjoyed if it is loved. This happens when a person identifies his or her passion and manages to turn it into a profession. With this strategy, learning becomes faster and the person never gets tired of chasing their dreams. The best business ideas are often a reflection of the entrepreneur’s passion.

2. Hard work has no substitute

This is true in any form of business. There is no replacement for hard work which is an integral part to grow any business. However, working hard may not be enough if the person is not working smart. A successful entrepreneur focuses on both working harder and smarter to ensure that hard work yields positive results.

3. Build a brand value

Creating brand value is an absolute necessity in a business. It brings the business a lot of attention from potential customers. Brand credibility is the first step to gaining business visibility. This will in turn attract prospective customers and also potential investors into the business.

4. Gain expertise

It is important to know the business really well. A budding entrepreneur should constantly explore new avenues of the business to learn and gain expertise. This will help to prepare for disaster management scenarios in the future and also increase brand credibility. This is the reason why top entrepreneurs always stay a step ahead of their competitors.

5. Increase visibility with public relations

Public relations is an important investment for all businesses. PR boosts the brand image of the business and also increases sales by creating a sustainable reputation for the business. For startups, PR can help get investors and for big businesses, it can widen brand visibility through multiple channels.

Victoria Kennedy is highly active on social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook where she regularly connects with her audience.

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