Video: Deaf Baby Hearing for the First Time Intended to Make You Cry, Ovulate


So there’s this video going around the internet of a little boy after receiving a cochlear implant — the surgically implanted device designed to help the hearing-impaired or fully-deaf actually hear — and hearing for the first time. Woman, man, whatever — if your biological clock is ticking at any volume, you will not want to watch this, because you will cry, and then find the closest child/baby/animal/unusually small person, and adopt it. This is too much:

Via Reddit, here:

See? Told you. Also, if you’re wondering exactly what a cochlear implant is, you’re probably going to Google it and then click on the Wikipedia link right after, like I did, so here, lemme save you the time. And yes, it’s as interesting as you think it’s going to be.