Warpaint have never been ones for the easy route. They namedrop hip-hop and nod to sonic trends and score commercials as well as the next buzz act, but when it comes to the music, the L.A. fourpiece makes neither the confrontational rock you’d expect from girl-group stereotypes or even just their name, nor the self-consciously poppy or retro work of their peers. They prefer to groove: building songs from happenstance jams (sometimes involving a couple Red Hot Chili Peppers), or letting songs and hooks gnarl themselves into knots that take time to grok. It’s the kind of sound that translates well live, where the sonic chemistry’s got space to catalyze; and there’ll likely be a great deal of that on display when the band plays Webster Hall with the equally iconoclastic Cate Le Bon.

Fri., March 21, 7 p.m., 2014