Zombie Bread, Yikes!


Is that strawberry jam — or real blood?

This via Incredible Things (where else?) via Tracy Van Dyk: an artist who works in a bakery in Ratchaburi, Thailand — a suburb just southwest of Bangkok — has invented a product made out of bread dough that looks exactly like bloody body parts.

Kittwat Unarrom is the baker/artist’s name, and his father owns the bakery where he toils. The article assures us the pieces, which include faces, arms, torsos, legs, feet, and fingers — a bread size for every usage — are completely edible, though we have no assurance exactly what the blood is made of.

And if you wondered what Ratchaburi (Rat’buri for short) looks like, take a gander at the following video. It seems like a vacation paradise! Just watch out for the Undead.

[Food Beast via Incredible Things]

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