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The '98 Yankees' Place in the Pantheon

Dynasty Index: 1931 marked their third consecutive pennant and their third consecutive 100-win season, and they fell one win shy of their third consecutive world title. After a disappointing 1933, Connie Mack did a Huizinga and sold off all his stars one by one. 4

Cooperstown Quotient: Catcher Mickey Cochrane joins Grove, Foxx, and Simmons. Waite Hoyt, who pitched for the Yanks in '27, takes a supporting role. 5

TV Movie Factor: None, unless someone can prove that they threw the 1931 World Series. 1

In a Nutshell: Arguably the greatest assemblage of front-line talent in baseball history, they're just a tick behind the '27 Yanks in everything but the hype. Total: 27

1927 NEW YORK YANKEES: 110-44

Hitting: They didn't call 'em Murderers' Row for nothing. Babe Ruth is the greatest hitter of all time, but in 1927, the year he hit 60 homers, he was the team's second-best hitter, behind Gehrig. The team's .383 on-base percentage and .489 slugging percentage add up to a major league record .872 production number. 9

Pitching: The hidden strength of this team was its pitching. Waite Hoyt may have been the only 20-game winner, but Miller Huggins's staff gave up almost a full run a game less than the rest of the league. 9

Dynasty Index: This was their fifth pennant and second World Series title in seven years. They would repeat in 1928 before their run was interrupted by the rise of the A's. 4

Cooperstown Quotient: Ruth, Gehrig, Hoyt, Herb Pennock, Tony Lazzeri, and Earle Combs--almost a quarter of the team--have been busted in Cooperstown. 5

TV Movie Factor: Between the good (The Pride of the Yankees), the bad (The Babe), and the forgettable (Slide, Kelly, Slide), there've been miles of celluloid spent on this squad. 5

In a Nutshell: They're that rarest of commodities, a legendary team that lives up to the hype--and then some. Simply the best of the best.Total: 32

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