Kids Left Far Behind

'When Everybody Fails My Child, How Come Nobody Gets Fired?'

In the September 30 Education Week, Christopher Jencks and Meredith Phillips say: "Closing the black-white test-score gap would probably do more to promote racial equality in the United States than any other strategy now under serious discussion.... It would sharply increase black college-graduation rates...and would also reduce racial disparities in...earnings.

Hugh Price, president of the National Urban League
Andrew Goldberg
Hugh Price, president of the National Urban League

What are Conrad Muhammad, Al Sharpton, and the blustering Khallid Muhammad doing to bring that about—except talking? And what is Rudolph Giuliani doing—except for putting cops in schools? He kicked Ramon Cortines, the most qualified educator I know, out of the city so that he could control the schools, as he does the police. And look at the police.

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