Do It My Way

The First Lady may not have the belly for a street fight with Rudy Giuliani. Enter Al Sharpton.

Any fears Mrs. Clinton may have of the controversial Al Sharpton joining her dream team probably were magnified by a scathing editorial Monday in the pro-Giuliani New York Post. The city's medical examiner had ruled that a drug suspect—who Sharpton quoted witnesses as saying was "savagely beaten" by cops—actually died of "acute cocaine intoxication," and was not a victim of police brutality.

"Which leads to an interesting question," the editorial writers contend. "Will Hillary Rodham Clinton welcome the Rev. Al among her cadre of campaign supporters? Or will she shut him out? A lot of New York voters would like to know the answer. There's good reason to suspect that the first lady would like to have Al Sharpton aboard, despite his unceasingly reckless charges."

If that's the case, Mrs. Clinton should put an end to the speculation and infighting about Sharpton's role: A lot of black New York voters have a score to settle with Giuliani, and would like to see Mrs. Clinton and Sharpton together on the front line of their struggle.

Additional reporting: Karen Mahabir
Research assistance: Kristen Nelson

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