I'll Be Your Mirror

Michael Eastman

Yayoi Kusama's The Passage of Winter, 2006
photo: Yayoi Kusama/Courtesy Robert Miller Gallery
Yayoi Kusama's The Passage of Winter, 2006


Yayoi Kusama
Robert Miller
524 West 26th Street
Through November 25

While grabbing some six-packs in a Miami dive, Hunter Thompson once spied "a ruined platinum-blonde Cuban dazzler" haranguing her cheapskate date. Michael Eastman's large (some are over six feet tall) color photographs of Havana's once grand mansions capture that same sense of faded glory and lost riches. Now paint sags from soaring ceilings ringed by battered plaster molding; a tarnished chandelier seems to sob crystal tears over a vast room furnished with drying laundry strung above two tattered easy chairs. Yet even as the tropical light reveals every chip in a marble staircase and stain on a wall, it also saturates the pastel colors of the elegant archways, imbuing these images with a grande dame's dignified beauty. Claire Oliver, 513 W 26th, 212-929-5949. Through Nov 11.

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