The Shock of the New


I’d been cruising for Shaun Cassidy pinups when I came across my first Playgirl. My pre-teenage curiosity had me turning pages right at the newsstand. Then I found the centerfold. He had dark hair all around and it looked huge. Quickly closed the magazine and left the store in horror. I didn’t even tell my best friend.

I may not be the only person whose first encounter with porn was less than sexy. But for many folks, things got a lot better when they weren’t quite so mortified. For example:

Trisha, 29, Bayside I can’t remember the first time I saw porn, but he last time was in my father’s house with his wife and two of her friends. It was no big deal. I’ve always been exposed to sex. The big deal was me making my own and being a star in my own house.

My ex-boyfriend of two years and I actually started making porn after we got tired of watching it. I’ve made so many. But for the first one, I had bought this one-piece red teddy, stockings and a white bra. Matching fuck-me shoes I couldn’t even walk in. He had the remote, which was hooked up to the TV so we could see it as it was being taped.

My favorite was when I was giving him head. He had a nice eight-inch cock and I used to take it all the way in. For some reason I always look good giving head.

Larry, 27, New Hyde Park Ginger and Amber Lynn were in my first porn mag. I’d just stolen it because I was underage. I was 14 or 15. I’d gone to a store and took a stack of porno mags— 15 three-packs— to the guy and asked him, “How old do you have to be to buy them?” He tells me 18. I pretend to put them back and instead ran out the door. My friend sees the guy chasing me. So I’m throwing the magazines into his car. That weekend we went and bought beer and the same guy didn’t recognize us.

We split the magazines along T&A lines. He got the big tit ones and I got the ones that had asses. The ones that were ambiguous— like High Society— we split based on the cover. Then, we both went to our respective houses and disappeared for two hours. We had 50-60 magazines and were the suppliers at school for porn.

When I had graduated from magazines, I borrowed a few tapes from my friend and I decided I was going to have a very enjoyable Friday night. I was just going to sit home and beat off. I was so horny that instead of waiting for my mom to go to sleep, I popped one in the VCR while I was supposedly watching The Dukes of Hazzard.

While she’s in her office in the house, I go and kneel right in front of the TV to try and hide myself. I still remember the movie. It’s Raw Talent. I even remember the scene; it’s right after the part where a guy fucks a turkey and serves it to the people at a diner. He starts fuckin’ a woman doggie style and I’m right over the edge. I start to masturbate knowing that my mom’s in the office. I figure I have a good 10 seconds to react. She comes out a couple of times but I don’t get caught.

So I’m sitting there totally engrossed— this woman’s getting her ass fucked— I’d never seen this on video before. Then I hear, “Oh my God!” It was my mom. For a split second I thought about finishing, but I ran out of the house. I didn’t come back until Sunday. We never spoke about it. The video was under my pillow on Sunday. It was completely rewound. I didn’t ask who put it there.

Erin, 32, East Quogue My father owned a drug store. He had all the dirty stuff. I had to be 11. I would sneak two things: cigarettes and dirty magazines. I brought them upstairs to look at. At the store, I never worked. I went with my father because I wanted to clean him out. I’d sweep a floor and fill a couple of prescriptions and go read dirty magazines. I used to get Playgirl, but the cool part of it was the women who worked for him were older. They knew what I was up to and would turn their backs.

Steve, 31, Syosset My first full-blown porn was in college, while I was a senior. My roommate brought home a Tracy T. Love tape. She was good looking and the lesbian scenes were good. During the movie, we would comment and laugh. One big thing with guys is we’re always commenting on vaginal grooming. You’ve got mohawk, the V, baldie baldie. Tracy had a Hitler. That’s a tiny little mustache right on top. We did nothing when we were together. Later I rubbed one out by myself.

Connie, 29, Brooklyn The first time I ever saw porn was with my friend who lived down the street. I guess I was 8. She was like, “Do you want to see my dad’s Playboys?” We went into his office and there was a stack under the guest bed. She had looked through them so many times that she said, “When you start to see the cartoons, that means your getting close to the naked pictures.” She seemed like such an expert.

In junior high I went with my best fiend and her mom to get haircuts. While her mom was getting her hair cut, we went into a book store and were looking at magazines. It was my idea that we should look at a Playgirl. I was such a goody two-shoes. This was the most daring thing I’d done. So I took a Mad magazine and stuck a Playgirl into it. We hadn’t even gotten to any naked pictures when the owner came over and said, “Girls, I think you should put that back.” Instead of having any sense of amusement about it, he was an asshole. He was like, “When I see your mother, I’m going to tell her.” We were flipping out.

We go back to the haircutting place and we were afraid to walk past the bookstore with my friend’s mom. We told her we’ll meet you in the car. We run past the bookstore and get into the car. As soon as she gets into the car, we immediately start crying. We tell her we were looking at Playgirl and a man saw us. Of course, she was trying not to laugh. She was like, “It’s okay.” Then she tells my mother what happened. My mother was cool. She was like, “How dare that man scare them!” So she calls the man up and reams him out.

Sam, 32, Huntington My first experience with porn goes back to when I was 10, 1977. A bunch of kids in the neighborhood called me over to someone’s house and they had a black-and-white porno movie. It was actually my friend’s parents’ homemade movie. This kid actually stole his parents’ tapes. She was wearing a black bra. I don’t even remember any sex. I think I felt kind of bad. I don’t think I was turned on or anything. I don’t think he realized what he was doing. He got teased a lot for a year or two afterward. A lot of people had seen this.

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