Home run

Good story on the Mets. [Bums rush, Cover Story, Oct. 7]. But I like Jeter on the Yankees. He’s a hottie.

Maggie Henriquez

The yoke’s on you

If anything proves the desperation of the Nassau Republicans in their frenzied efforts to maintain a political chokehold [Charity of the gods, Cover Story, Oct. 14], it is the disgusting display in three instances as it tries to find money to cover financial fiascoes caused by decades of featherbedding, patronage, cronyism, nepotism and corruption.

First came the 1 percent real estate transfer tax, whereby the Republicans declared themselves partners in every real estate sale in the county. Second was the use of $1 million by the Republicans to distance themselves from Gulotta and the cumulative effects of his (their) budgetary bombs, all of which passed their tightly controlled legislature without a whisper. Now that it’s time to pay the piper, they air television ads about their supposed plan to save the county from the financial firestorms they helped create. One look at the suits and jewelry that guys like Blakeman and Gulotta sport in their self-praising ads speaks volumes about how to live la vida loca while sucking on the public teat. Third is the sickening decision to “save money” by cutting funding for the already underfunded and overworked child protective services. Gulotta chooses to endanger the lives of children, who can’t vote, in favor of placating his sycophants and God-alone-knows how many no-show jobholders, who can and do vote.

The Nassau Republicans seem capable of betraying the taxpayer and each other and of sacrificing the welfare of innocents. The stench of a decaying empire, collapsing from within, befouls Nassau’s political air these days.

Lorraine Schreier

Attention! Deficit disorder!

The Nassau Republican legislators’ “Deficit Elimination Program” is nothing but a smoke-and-mirrors gimmick designed to sneak the Republicans past this election so they can go back to their tax-and-spend ways at taxpayer cost and peril.

Despite the party’s self-serving statements, the plan is fiscally irresponsible and a danger to the future of our county’s financial health.

The 10-point Nassau County Democratic financial plan has gotten little press, but it’s much closer to what the county needs to fix its financial crisis and return the county to fiscal health. It’s up to the voters to reject the Republican plan on November 2 and vote for change.

Thomas Sobczak

Throw ’em all out

It’s almost Election Day and, once again, the Democratic Party and Republican Party have proven virtually indistinguishable. Both stand for the status quo of a large, corrupt government. Neither is interested in making Long Island the best place it can be. All they want to do is give patronage jobs to their friends, place more power in the hands of the government and invent excuses to put taxpayer money where it doesn’t belong.

Many people think that voting is a process of choosing the lesser of two evils. These people are wrong! Believe it or not, there are actually candidates out there who want to reduce the size of the government, put an end to all taxation and restore as much freedom as possible to the people of Long Island. The Libertarian Party has worked hard to give people the option of voting for candidates such as these. This year, voters in Suffolk will have the opportunity to vote for Audrey Pappaeliou for Brookhaven town supervisor and Bruce Martin for Third District county legislator. These candidates, and all other Libertarian candidates, have no interest in raiding the wallets of Long Islanders to support their own dreams of power.

Instead of electing the same old crowd of Democratic-Republican crooks, we can elect people who will do the right thing by everyone. Corrupt government can be brought to a swift end. All it takes is a few well-placed votes.

Hal Phillips
Long Beach

Tuned in, turned on

On behalf of the WUSB staff, I want to thank you and your staff for selecting Jill Morrison as Best College Radio DJ of the year [Best of LI ’99, Cover Story, Sept. 30]. I appreciate your ongoing support of our non-commercial station.

Norm Prusslin
General manager of WUSB-FM/90.1