Spoilsports of the Century


Beyond the celebrated 4 a.m. TKO loss to Mike Tyson (at Dapper Dan’s on 125th St. in 1988), Blood Green’s street legacy is one for the ages. There’s the time embarrassed state officials revealed Green’s total 54 citations for a decade’s worth of illegal driving. The time Green was convicted for a series of 1987 gas thefts, the last for pumping $31 worth to customers, and pocketing the cash, as a frightened station attendant stood by. The time he tried and failed to beat a $2 bridge toll. The time he was stopped for drunk driving while watching a dashboard TV and in possession of angel dust. The time he stood in traffic at a busy Harlem intersection, ranting and raving about “Cicely” Tyson.

But, in this corner, the self-proclaimed “streetologist” is best remembered for the stab wound he allegedly self-inflicted (according to an associate) in 1989 to avoid a possible lawsuit for pulling out of an Ohio bout. Not so, the Bloodman told a New York Post reporter at the time: “Do I look stupid? I’m a bad mother-fucker, a stud. I’ve been shot three times. They couldn’t drop me with a stun gun. How can a little legwound stop me? I just don’t want no two dollar fights against no bum.” (Green blamed the stabbing on “a bunch of homos” he ran into in Harlem.)

Two years ago, Green won his greatest decision to date—a $45,000 jury award (he sued for $25 million) against Tyson for the late-night shiner. “I whupped him,” crowed Green at the time. “I tore his drawers. I’m the people’s champion.”

Green’s last official appearance was a 10-round loss to one Brian Nix in October 1998. Shortly afterward, he offered to return to prison to settle up with then incarcerated Tyson, who’d also beaten Green in the ring (in 1986). It proved a no go. Too bad. After the Garden and the street, a “joint” venture would’ve made perfect sense for Iron Mike and a contender/jailbird who once quipped that they ought to rename Rikers Island Green Acres.