Listings – 2/17/2004


Tired of the same weak poseurs wearing ’80s clothes still listening to that oh-so-cool mishmash of new wave and new pop? Then take a hit of whatever Eugene Hutz is having and get ready for a good ear cleaning. The leader of Gogol Bordello and mustached madman, Mr. Hutz plays “Balkan Gypsy punk”—which, though I have no idea what that means exactly, I’m pretty sure you won’t hear New Order. Also, if he gets drunk enough, he’ll wreck the DJ booth. Better than TV! Saturday @ 11:30, Satalla, 37 W 26th, 212.576.1155,

The Matter:/Form crew is back in action with a new party appropriately named for our times, PROPAGANDA, every Saturday night at the Sullivan Room. This week they do one better: MF DJ Francis Harris does the opening honors with smooth, teched-out house bliss, setting the stage for U.K. duo Layo & Bushwacka!, who are back in town on the eve of the release of their debut mix disc, All Night Long, which curiously reminds one of a Lionel Richie song. (I’m sure it doesn’t sound like one, though.) Also spinning is devilish Dave Hollands, who’s no slouch, either. Saturday @ 10, Centro-Fly, 45 W 21st, 212.627.7770

The only d’n’b party still going strong enough to bring over the big U.K. guns is DIRECT DRIVE, and with it back in the meatpacking district’s Rare club (the old Cooler) you can pretend the last four years never happened. Special guest Kenny Ken is lickety quick on the decks while MC Foxy offers a nice, raspy accompaniment. With locals Pish Posh (old skool!), Lo-Ki, and Direct Drive’s headmaster, DJ Seoul. Saturday @ 10, Rare, 416 W 14th, 212.613.0900