Another single released, this time without Justin’s help


Forget about ripping off clothes—Janet Jackson just wants a zipless fuck. The 37-year-old has been lounging in bed since 2001’s All for You; the only difference now is that she’s smacking bubblegum at the same time, which makes “Just a Little While” her virgin/whore-iest moment yet. It’s also her most self-sufficient—like a moth to a flame is Janet’s hand to her strawberry (her words!). She’s so eager to please that even if the quickie she solicits in the chorus doesn’t go down, she’ll “touch it on [her] favorite fruit” anyway.

Pepsi-commercial bubbliness tempers the hyper-sexed ambrosia, with robotic guitars and synths wanting to sound 20 years younger and paying cockeyed homage to Prince’s Dirty Mind. Janet’s either too squeaky or clean to venture into Prince’s dank basement, and her most purple moment turns out to be the ascending, pre-chorus “Ooh, hoo-hoo, hooo!” that she just barely nails. The difference between this public display of sex and, ahem, the last one, is that she’s so worked up, she can’t premeditate what hangs out, whether it’s a broken note or a banana. Atta girl Janet, jack the pain away.

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