Burning Bush: Captain Freedom gets held to the fire again


Just about the only good thing the Bush presidency has done for leftists is provide fodder for books—many, many books. Since Molly Ivins published Shrub in 2000, the market has slowly become saturated with everything from entertainment-oriented polemics to scholarly exposés. The “Books on Bush” roundtable brings together the authors of four of these volumes, all from the more serious end of the spectrum. Big Lies, by Joe Conason, presents an overview of sorts, debunking 10 major myths perpetuated by conservatives about liberals. Eric Alterman and Mark Green narrow the focus from neocons in general to the president in particular with The Book on Bush: How George W. (Mis)leads America; zeroing in further, David Corn offers a tour through The Lies of George W. Bush. William Hartung’s How Much Money Did You Make on the War, Daddy? might have the most specific scope: Limiting itself to the topic of war profiteering, it demonstrates that you don’t need a wide lens to find evidence damning the current administration.