Put It on Our Tab


Time is money when you’re trying to conquer the world. Bush tells us that he’s going to limit his testimony to the 9/11 Commission to one hour. By our calculation, that’s about $60 million worth of his time. You see, he put in about 22 minutes total at last year’s President’s Dinner, from which he raked in $22 million. That’s a million per minute, almost as much we’re paying Halliburton in Iraq.

Anyway, if he talks with the 9/11 Commission for an hour, that’s $60 million, right?

Why not save that money and let the people at provide his testimony. You’ll get the idea when you listen to Ian Kleinfeld’s remix of Bush’s State of the Union speech.

If you want to get even more hyper, check out’s Bush in 30 Seconds video contest. Child’s Play, by Charlie Fisher of Denver, Colorado, was declared the winner, but for our money, What I Been Up To . . ., an animated ad by Mark Wolfe and Ty Pierce of Columbus, Ohio, is the freshest. And unlike Bush, it’s priceless.

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