She’s been called “the spawn of Cindy Sherman and Buster Keaton” and has skewered aspiring art students, ambitious artists, mad housewives, daytime TV, Courtney Love, Björk, and other cultural excesses in hilariously demented previous works. Now—with Day-Glo lime walls, taped notes and photos, occult wall patterns, “corporate numerology,” and mystical spells, she tackles Halliburton, Monsanto, Bechtel, Dick Cheney, Jessica Lynch, Paris Hilton, and other corporate villains and victims in “Coven Services for Consumer Mesmerism, Product Sorcery, and the Necromantic Reimagination of Consumption.” But what really makes this show special is—as always—Bag’s witchy videos. Projected in a faux-corporate screening room, they’re haplessly wonderful homemade commercials that are far more than silly send-ups or simple one-liners. These uproarious works are also the most hard-hitting, timely, and pointed political art around. Imagine them as part of the election campaign.