For the best o’ craic—a combo of drinks, music, conversation, and fun—take the No. 7 train to Sunnyside, Queens, known mostly as a blue-collar Irish Catholic nabe. The folk saying “long life, full heart, and wet mouth” takes on new meaning here, where there is a bar (or two or three) on practically every street. Locals needn’t go far to satiate their thirsts or spirits. On a five-block radius from the 46th Street train stop, we found something for everyone. Mom, dad, and the kids have a second home at P.J. HORGAN’S (42-17 Queens Boulevard, 718-729-9584). This family-style spot has all the requisite touches: green lights, dark wooden booths, and U2 as background music. Settle in with a pint of Guinness ($4.75) and a serving of the chicken pot pie ($9.95). For more raucous fun, cross the boulevard to the COURTYARD (40-18 Queens Boulevard, 718-729-4601). There, younger expats drink Amstel Lights ($4) while hanging out along the long bar or in the heated beer garden, where it’s been said to feel like the tropics. If it gets too hot for you, head over to TAILOR’S HALL (45-10 Queens Boulevard, 718-706-1010), our favorite Sunnyside watering hole. This dark haven has a fireplace, a long communal table (plus plenty of more intimate seating nearby), and regular live music. Order a Bailey’s Irish cream ($5), which boasts a coconutty taste, or a pint of Smithwick’s ($4.50), a darker ale with a smooth finish, and listen to the Pogues on the stereo while you wait for that night’s band to come on. And next time someone asks what county in Ireland you’re from, just say Queens—it’s all relative.