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Explain Yourself


Bush is so into sanctification, but sanctimony is the operative word, like at last month’s National Prayer Breakfast, when he told the crowd, “God serves His Own purposes and does not owe us an explanation.”

Yes, but you do, Bush. At the time of the prayer breakfast (February 5), he was adamant about not giving the 9/11 Commission more than an hour of His time—on His terms. Thank God, Bush has relented.

A typical jocksniffer, Bush thanked the Lord at the prayer breakfast for Joe Gibbs‘s return to Washington as the Redskins’ coach. Gibbs, not only a football coach but also a NASCAR racing team owner and religiously a Republican, was sitting right at the head table with ex-congressman (and Oklahoma wishbone QB) J.C. Watts and Lieutenant General John Abizaid of Central Command. Praise the Lord for delivering Gibbs to Bush and all of D.C. That’s what Gibbs’s NASCAR-addicted, God-fearing, Redskins-loving fans like Pastor Tom Iannucci of Breath of Life Christian Ministries in Hawaii thinks. The black-belt-wearing ex-Marine originally from Long Island wrote this love letter to Joe Gibbs Racing’s mailbag: “Thank You for coming back and giving us hope. GOD is so good!”

Gibbs recalled for the crowd his epiphany years ago that he probably wasn’t descended from “two amoebas.” Oh, ye of little faith. Gibbs has talked about this before.

For those of you who can’t get enough of this kind of passion, take a gander at J.C. Watts‘s prayer at the breakfast, “The Aroma of Christ.” It’s all about onion burgers, tornadoes, model-airplane kits, perfume, and reconciliation. Well, the guy was an option quarterback, you know.

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