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Space Cadet


Here’s a tale straight out of the Android’s Dungeon: Chakotay is a supporter of perennial presidential candidate and wacky conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche. You have to scour the universe to find any actors or actresses who have given money to Bush—most such donors are Democrats. But Robert Beltran, the semi-rebellious space cowboy from Star Trek: Voyager, pumped $1,000 into spacey LaRouche’s 2004 presidential campaign last year. Voyager‘s story line is that it got thrown trillions of miles off course, into the Delta Quadrant, an area of creepy aliens and strange conspiracies. Back in 1999, Beltran told fans that he thought he had “enough of a range to transcend the expectations that some people have about for former Star Trek actors.” Well, he’s met our expectations. Beltran probably bumped into LaRouche in the Delta Quadrant. Not to mention the comic book guy.

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