A Hunger, a Thirst, a Pocket Full of Tums—Hey, Let’s Party!


Is it possible to drink with reckless abandon and wake up the next morning feeling virtually hangover-free? If you end your night out on the town at Wogie’s, it just might be. While some bars plot to keep you thirsty by offering endless bowls of pretzels and peanuts, the folks at this new West Village spot know what you really need. Their delicious, just-greasy-enough Philly cheese steaks ($6.25; kitchen open till almost last call) smothered in onions and peppers or whatever toppings you’d like—provides the perfect soakage for that booze in your belly. If you start your night here, you may see no point in going anywhere else. It’s as casual and down-to-earth as your average neighborhood diner, but with the ambience of an upscale lounge—dim lighting, dark wood, cozy high-back booths, mirrored walls, and an abundance of windows. Beers are surprisingly cheap for this part of town ($3 drafts, $4 bottles), and their potent vodka and cranberry is well worth the six bucks. To top it all off, the service is friendly and attentive. That’s because owner Aaron Hoffman provides most of it himself—enthusiastically hustling from behind the bar, to the kitchen, to the tables, and back again. He named the place after his dad, who owned a couple of pizza joints in Philly and claimed New York as his favorite citymjudging from the time I had here, Wogie must have been one hell of a guy.

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