Listings – 5/18/2004


The Motherfucker people have received so much press from the Voice, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking we’re on their payroll. Really though, they don’t have to pay us to write about them ’cause they pick the darndest artists to feature, like ESG—the seminal early-’80s band most famous for their minimalist funk, found in songs like “Moody.” They came out of hiding this past winter, with some of the original members handing off their duties to their daughters. The result was sweet and endearing, but also still really good. I just hope the crazy MF crowd doesn’t scare the ladies away before they start their set. Hosted by Chi Chi Valenti and Misstress Formika; Interpol’s Carlos D comes out of his bat cave to spin with MF regulars Justine D and Michael T. Sunday @ 10, Spirit, 530 W 27th, 212.268.9447

Ken Ishii and Speedy J are the kind of techno DJs that I feel I should like because they are solid as rocks, with strong production and DJ skills, but their music is both a little hard (even for this techno fan) and a little flat-footed. Still, millions upon millions of Japanese music fanatics can’t be wrong. They love Ishii the way Americans idolize that Britney chick. With local DJs Function, Hiro, Dave Turov, Rich Bourque, and a live set from Novamen, and more. Friday @ 10, Volume, 99 N 13th St, Bklyn, 718.388.3588

Now that it’s actually hot out, it seems more appropriate to advise you to go to a party called Club Heat. Metro Area’s super groove thang Darshan Jesrani is spinning his favorite post-disco, Italo beats, and other sexy stuff all night in the basement, at a space where, unfortunately, only lost Upper East Siders can really feel at home. If that made you feel sad, be happy ’cause Greg Poole and Dinesh are spinning too. Sunday @ 10, Mannahatta, 316 Bowery, 212.253.8644