Listings – 7/8/2004


Lotus, once land of the rich and lame, is now land of the cool and poor. Proof positive—Felix Da Housecat, the man of 2001, is back with his new record, Devin Dazzle and the Neon Fever, with Tommie Sunshine, his compadre in eclecticism and weird musical choices, also spinning. I mean, I think I will actually go to Lotus. So will other people we know who are not B-list celebrities or Ivana Trump. (Is that redundant?) I also take comfort in knowing that when he’s not outside scaring the meatpacking district models, Motherfucker’s Michael T will be downstairs, playing his mix of old pop, punk, and new wave hits. With Jason Angola and Naomi. – Friday @ 10, Lotus, 409 W 14th, 212.592.3078

The most popular drum’n’bass DJ in the U.S. isn’t from the U.K., but from Philly. Dieselboy, a petit man who plays monster-sized music, has vicious mixing skills and a rabid fan base that rivals most teen heartthrobs and movie stars. Dara and AK1200 aren’t slackers either, and together they are like a superhero drum’n’bass group, playing big, mean basslines that are supposed to give you nightmares. – Thursday @ 10, Sullivan Room, 218 Sullivan, 212.252.2151

I’ve always said that if a gun were pointed at my head and I had to choose between progressive house superstar Sasha and just about anyone else in that world (Oakenfold, Van Dyk), I’d pick Sasha. (However, I’d choose Digweed over Sasha.) He’s pretty to look at, but even prettier to listen to. A DJ I knew claimed that Sasha’s mixes are so seamless he couldn’t tell what was the record and what was Sasha’s mix. Once I even heard him drop some Portishead, and I almost made him my favorite. Then I came to my fucking senses. – Friday @ 10, Crobar, 530 W 28th, 212.629.9000