Greene Dragon


Group: Greene Dragon

Slogan: The American Revel-ution (“Greene Dragon invites all patriotic revelers to join the American Revel-ution, a fun and freewheeling independence movement from President-Select George II and his corporate monarchy.”)

Purpose: According to “General” Jonny America, one of Greene Dragon’s founders and organizers (and sometime magazine cover boy), “We go beyond conventional protesting. Everything we do is a celebration.”

“We feel like our country has gotten away from its ideals,” says Jonny. “We want to take democracy back from the corporations and give it to the people.”

Formed last year at the Burning Man art festival, the group draws heavily on the iconography of the Founding Fathers; Their name comes from the tavern where the Boston Tea Party was planned and members can be found at most rallies dressed in a three-point hats (with feathers) and homemade red, white, and blue colonial costumes (“A lot of love goes into them.”).

Events: On Sunday, July 4th at noon, Greene Dragon will host the signing of “The Declaration of Independence From George II,” at the George Washington Statue at 26 Wall Street in lower Manhattan. The 30-foot scroll will “proclaim the people’s independence from our current corporate monarchy, and offer a new vision of hope and government accountability for the future.”

As for the RNC Convention, Greene Dragon will be “defending our city from Bush and the Bush loyalists who are coming to exploit our tragedy.” Events planned include Paul Revere’s Ride Down Lexington Avenue (with shouts of “The Republicans are coming! The Republicans are coming!”), the Crossing of New York Harbor, and the Valley Forge Voter Drives. They’re also thinking beyond the Convention; “We have a dream of going down to Florida on election day to make sure every vote is heard,” says Jonny.

Joining Up: Revelers are invited to pick up a quill and sign their John Hancocks on the Declaration on the Fourth. For more information, go to or e-mail