Grown-Ass Dance


You’d assume that as an éminence grise and studio stalwart of both Detroit’s hip-hop and electronica scenes, Amp Fiddler would know his way around a groove. He does. But this longtime P-Funk collaborator and keyboardist-leader of the early-’90s gangster bebop crew Mr. Fiddler is equally at home with songs, and the latter component is why his soaring solo debut is a grown-ass dance album that works in and out of the club. The rubbery, finger-popping “I Believe in You” inhabits a stoned, sly space where Amp’s “fuck you if you won’t fuck me” vocals sound recorded through weed smoke. “Possibilities” floats on a summery, Roy Ayer lightness; the skittishly syncopated “Superficial” and—especially—”Love and War,” with its expansive arrangements and utopian sentiments, wouldn’t sound out of place at a Body and Soul reunion. With contributions from like-minded cool cats J Dilla and Raphael Saadiq, Waltz of the Ghetto Fly figures out a sexy way to celebrate the laid-back and funked-up.