Listings – 7/29/2004


APT has long held the crown as the best place to hear dance music (if not to dance to it), but the teeny club that could has a few competitors who are taking a few musical cues from the mini-behemoth. Table 50, like APT, is a swanky basement bar that’s long and narrow. While the “dancefloor” is wider than APT’s and the bar boasts a better sound system, its also got bottle service in the dancing area, which is just icky. However, the boîte is home to the ANARCHIST’S DISCO, a birthday fest for DJ Spun—the West Coast expat who shunned the sunny climes of the Bay Area for god knows what reason—which also features Steve Kotey of the funky house outfit, Chicken Lips, and Eric Duncan. – Sunday @ 10, Table 50, 643 Bway, 212.253.2560. Kotey is also DJ’ing with Larry Tee at his new party, DISGRACELAND. – Thursday @ 10, Crobar, 530 W 28th, 212.629.9000

The other contender for APT’s crown is Rothko, which is actually quite large and has a massive stage. The club’s been boasting a mix of rock and dance events, including this week’s WARP RECORDS SHOWCASE, which features a live performance from Home Video (so contradictory!!). DJ sets will range from quirky electronic stuff to some more obvious rock centerpieces, judging from the range of DJs featured (Jon Turi, Scott Mou, Tim Saccenti, James Friedman, and Alex English). – Friday @ 9, Rothko, 116 Suffolk,

The best club is not a club—but a boat. Matter:/Form, the tech house production crew, is bringing back its slamming boat parties by popular demand. This time out, there will be no superstars—just local stars like Francis Harris, David Hollands, J.P. Solis, and Mac & Canino. – Sunday @ 6, Paddlewheel Queen, 23rd & the East River,

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