GOP’s Street Theater


A huge anti-war rally would ruin the grass in Central Park, Mayor Bloomberg has maintained. But what damage would be done if the pre-GOP-convention demonstration were held at two street sites advanced by the protesters and rejected by Bloomberg? The Republican mayor didn’t say.

But one group has been told it doesn’t even need a permit to stage what may be the longest—and briefest—event of the convention. On Wednesday, September 1, organizers are hoping to muster at least 5,000 people to form the world’s longest unemployment line. The line will form on the sidewalk at Wall Street and run, 50 people per block, up Broadway to 31st Street and the Republican confab at Madison Square Garden. The line is to form precisely at 8:13 a.m. and disband at 8:31.

Conceived as a visible rebuke to administration economic policies that have seen more than 1.2 million private sector jobs lost since George W. Bush took office, the event is being organized by Imagine ’04, along with People for the American Way and the New York State AFL-CIO. To line up, call 212-420-0440.