Listings – 7/27/2004


Summer is best spent on the beach, even if that beach is garbage-filled Coney Island. At least there you can see burlesque and carnival acts and get drunk. Head to the shore for top-notch burlesque from the World Famous Pontani Sisters, whose cutie-pie dance routines have actually made them pretty famous the world over (appearing on Late Night With Conan O’Brien a buncha times probably helped). Also performing is the hula-hoop demon Ms. Saturn, who strips while doing the aforementioned activity; Oh de Twirlette twirl their batons to music by the Movers & Shakers (Benjamin Ickies), the Main Squeeze Orchestra, and Vic Thrill. If semi-nudity and music are not enough, there’s always the roller coaster. Saturday @ 1, Coney Island, 10th St btwn Surf Ave & boardwalk,

The eclectic monthly Pop Your Funk is back with a stellar guest, Andrew Weatherall, one-half of Two Lone Swordsmen (who made electro before it was trendy or popular, and it wasn’t Casio keyboard crap, either). Mr. Weatherall is a fine DJ, and usually mixes a punishing kind of techno, but tonight he will be spinning a “special brand of punk-funk.” I have no idea what that is exactly, but it’ll be lovely, I’m sure. With resident DJs Roy Dank and Brennan Green. Thursday @ 9, APT, 419 W 13th, 212.414.4245

Deep house-heads will delight in the return of the monthly 718 Sessions, which is now officially a misnomer, as the party is no longer held in Brooklyn. Ex–Body & Soul DJ Danny Krivit plays soulful house music all night long, for the early-evening crowd (it ends at midnight—perfect for a school night). Sunday @ 6, Deep, 16 W 22nd, 212.978.8869