Silky Smooth Cocktails and World Beats Transport Imbibers


It doesn’t look so special from the outside, but once you step into this Chelsea/Flatiron lounge, part the curtains at the doorway, and take a moment to let your eyes adjust to the black light; splashes of color and sound launch you into a hypnotic trance. Both a world-music dance club and a watering hole, Satalla, which has a seating capacity of about 200, still manages to feel intimate. Glowing paint patterns playfully tint the walls, railings, and other objects—even the menus glow! You’ll be glad, since an abundance of alcoholic pleasures, including a sweet and silky Ali Colada (Alizé cognac, rum, and colada mix, $8) and a refreshing caipirinha (Brazilian cachaça, sugar, and fresh limes, $8) are on offer. (There’s also a selection of bottled and draft beer, all at $5.) But no worries—you probably won’t be able to finish your drink anyhow before the music, a mix of Latin, Afro, and just about any beat on the planet, pulls you to the dancefloor. The crowd seems to blend with all this diversity. If you’re a glutton for attention, dress in white.