Post-Grunge Post-Garage Hard Rockers From Philly Answer Burning Question


Burning Brides definitively answer the question, just how fast is a slightly uptempo trudge? Give or take a couple just-plain-vanilla trudges, Leave No Ashes is almost an album full.

It’s downhill and into the mud after the longplayer’s first number, “Heart Full of Black,” which maddeningly ends on a guitar-bass lockstep rave-up just when it starts getting good. The song is a decrepit young man’s still accidentally vigorous angry yell, loaded with granite and the electric equivalent of tramping feet.

Some additional points are awarded, as well, for Burning Brides’ having the moxie to make their album’s worst number the title song.

Leave No Ashes, as trio-rock, falls into an honored tradition in the biz of crunch guitar: something that sounds almost great when there’s about a quart of urine curing in your shoes. Twenty-five years ago, the stuff was filed under such band names as the Hunt or Strife; progress has made things a great deal louder, but taken away any semblance of a good singer.

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