New York

Young and Impassioned March for Justice


15 STREET AND EIGHTH AVENUE–The Still We Rise coalition of kaleidoscopically diverse community groups marched and rallied today for (deep breath) housing, health care, AIDS and education funding, restoration of civil liberties, immigrants’ rights, and an end to the Rockefeller drug laws. The coalition was overwhelmingly local, with strong contingents coming from the Bay Area. With so much on their minds, the young marchers still managed to rock, and the gathering took on a martial air with numerous drummers, bands, deafening chants in English and Spanish, handclaps, and at least one pink-clad anarchist flag-dance team.

While most of the several hundred attendees were focused on beating Bush, there was a healthy contingent of anarchist, socialist, and communist groups rejecting both parties.

The permitted march proceeded without incident except for 15 tense minutes at the corner of 15th Street and 8th Avenue. From about 12:50 to 1:05, the march was held back by a metal barricade from turning the corner; traffic was stopped on the avenue and bystanders ordered back to the sidewalk. The march was also halted at 6th Avenue. No one was arrested. Police said the march was stopped because the agreement had been to start marching at 1 p.m. Still We Rise’s posted schedule reads:

12PM Meet at Union Square
March to Madison Square Garden
2PM Rally at Madison Square Garden (30th and 8th).

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