New York

Mass Arrests Near Ground Zero


WTC, 5:35 P.M.–The School of the Americas Watch and the War Resisters League had no sooner left for their unpermitted “Solemn Procession” to Madison Square Garden than the orange netting came out. Approximately the first 200 marchers were penned in, and just like in Times Square this weekend, credentialed press were let out, but not independent press or media observers. Speaking from inside the arrest pen, Kristy, who has been doing press for SOAW, said, “We crossed the street, walked up the block, and the police swarmed us and blocked everyone onto the sidewalk. There was no order to disperse.” As of this writing the majority of the march continues north, slowly, two by two, to Madison Square Garden for a “die-in,” but those who do not want to be arrested are heading home.

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