New York

What Happened to Policeman in Scooter Attack?


Several news outlets have reported that plainclothes police officer William Sample, one of the many plainclothes cops who drove scooters into the crowd of PPEHR marchers last night, was attacked by protesters and “beaten unconscious.”

According to one eyewitness who is collecting eyewitness reports from others with the intention of filing a formal complaint, there’s another side to the story. “There was an undercover guy on a scooter charging the crowd. He got surrounded and was running his scooter into the crowd, very aggressively charging people. It seems like he lost it and was trying to batter his way out. He knocked people to the ground, was crashing the scooter into people’s legs. So people started trying to stop him. They grabbed his shirt, his wrists. I think that he revved the scooter and people were holding him back, so it shot out from under him and he fell off. Then, unfortunately, one kid from the crowd ran out and kicked him. After that people got cleared out pretty quick, there was a call of ‘Officer down!’ and 1,000 cops got there.”

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