Tom Hayden: This Is History in the Making


15TH STREET AND 11TH AVENUE, 10 A.M.–Representatives of several protest groups and the National Lawyers Guild spoke in front of the makeshift detention center at Pier 57 this morning both to congratulate the participants in this week’s protests and to complain about “illegal” tactics used by the police, particularly ensnaring nonviolent protesters and even bystanders in orange netting.

Tom Hayden, hero of Chicago ’68, pointed out that “the protesters got in Karl Rove’s sound bite…there have never been so many people protesting a political convention of the 80 in our history, and there have never been so many people arrested.” He also called upon those who had warned darkly about “anarchists” to apologize to the largely peaceful protesters.

Katya Komisaruk, of the National Lawyers Guild, stated that people are still being kept from seeing their lawyers; the problem has gotten worse as the number of protesters has multiplied. She also reported that one young woman arrested last night was taken to the emergency room with a full-body skin reaction to the chemicals on the filthy floor of the pens at Pier 57.