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TERRAIN’s name suggests substance and texture, rightly standing for what Rebecca Lazier, Renée Archibald, Jennifer Lafferty, Daryl Owens, and Christopher Williams shape across space in Lazier’s evocative choreography. With its new “Terra Incognita” program, the troupe beckons audiences into mostly abstract yet extravagant landscapes and mythscapes. In Transparent Body, lightly inspired by Eros and Psyche, classic sculpture breathes and evolves. Lazier and Williams make time expand and contract, and often drop its snapped-off, ragged edge before grabbing it up and working it again. In Mirth, set to Duke Ellington music, childlike sleepers (Lafferty and Owens) blink awake, tongues hanging out as if to lap up all the pleasure of a new day. The comic . . . and tea was served—heralded by one sharp scream—comes closest to narrative with 1920s costumes, props, and murder-mystery music, but is best noted for the way bodies slosh and collapse. Insider’s guide to the secret rules of PMD*, *post-modern dance pairs movement portraits of Archibald, Lafferty, and Owens with satirical voice-overs and could help us figure out if the cagey Lazier is “post-post-modern” or “post-modern-modern.”